For some people, joining a church can be a little intimidating. We certainly don’t want you to feel that way at England FBC! These “Frequently Asked Questions” and their respective answers may give you insight as you consider becoming a member of the First Baptist family.

DO I HAVE TO HAVE FIRST RECEIVED CHRIST AS MY SAVIOR BEFORE I JOIN FBC? YES! This is the most important decision you will ever make, and it’s the primary prerequisite for church membership.

DO I HAVE TO BE BAPTIZED BY IMMERSION TO BE A MEMBER OF FBC? Yes, we do require you to have been baptized by immersion sometime after you have invited Christ into your life. This is your first step of obedience in your lifelong journey with the Lord. If you have been baptized by immersion in another denomination that is of like faith and practice with Baptists, you may join on STATEMENT OF YOUR FAITH. This simply means that as a Christ-follower, you have been Scripturally baptized. (If you have questions about what “like faith and practice” means, email or call us and we will have the pastor contact you.)

WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO “JOIN BY LETTER”? If you are joining from another Southern Baptist church, the “letter” is simply a note we will request from your former church indicating you were a member there. We will contact your former church requesting they send a letter, so we will do all the paperwork. You will only need to provide the name, city and state of your church, and we will do the rest.

ARE THERE OTHER PUBLIC DECISIONS I CAN MAKE AT FBC? Yes! We believe prayer is an important part of worship. If you want to have someone pray with you, or if you would rather pray on your own, it is always appropriate to come to the altar at the steps in front of the Worship Center to pray. There will always be someone ready and willing to join you in prayer.

If you feel God leading you into special service – maybe full-time vocational ministry or missions, or perhaps service as a volunteer in some significant way – you may want the congregation to celebrate with you His call on your life. If so, feel free to come at the time of decision and speak with the pastor.

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